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Pine Forest Property Owners Association (PFPOA) Agendas


The Pine Forest POA conducts monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm (except August and December) at the First National Bank Building, 118 Highway 71/21 W (across Hasler Boulevard from HEB) in Bastrop. Locations for the Annual and Special Meetings are determined prior to those meetings.

Pine Forest Property Owners Association (PFPOA) Board Meeting

7:00 p.m. Thursday, April 13, 2023

First National Bank, Conference Room 489

Highway 71 West, Bastrop, TX 78602


The subjects to be discussed or considered, or upon which any formal action may be taken are listed below. Items may or may not be taken in the same order as shown in the meeting notice. This meeting will be conducted under Robert's Rules of Order. All discussion on agenda items will be by and between members of the Board unless members request to be added to the agenda. Anyone wanting to make comments or express concerns to the PFPOA Board must submit them in writing to the Association Secretary at least 72 hours prior to the monthly meeting time. These comments can be sent to, addressed to the president. To sign up for the zoom meeting, follow instructions in the meeting announcement. 

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