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Most Asked about Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs)

UNITS 7-12 



1. Submit a proper application and related paperwork for approval before making any changes or improvements to Lots within the subdivision (Article 6.01).

2. Construction requirements dictate that residences must be a minimum size of 1,800 sq. ft. and a minimum of 1,200 sq. ft. on the ground floor of multi-story structures. In Unit 12 only the minimum is 1,500 sq. ft. (Article 1.4)


3. Residence must be connected to a sewer system or approved septic system before occupancy (Article 1.4).


4. Exterior siding and trim materials must be of a color and texture that complements existing residences. If painted, the exterior must have two coats of paint (Article 1.5).


5. Each lot with a residence shall have a permanent driveway (Article 1.5).


6. Flags can only be displayed from Lots and structures owned by the Owner of the property (Article 1.6).


7. Flags requiring a lighted or free-standing flagpole must have an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approved permit (Article 1.6).


8. Only a reasonable number of personal pets may be kept by the Owner and to the extent they do not present a risk, threat, or nuisance to the public or other property Owners (Article 1.7).


9. All pets are to be kept on a leash or in enclosures and may not roam free outside the boundaries of the Owner’s property (Article 1.7).


10. Propane tanks are allowed but must be underground or hidden from view (Article 1.9).


11. Solar Energy Collection systems are allowed but require a permit by the ACC (Article 1.9).



1. Place any recreational apparatus or facilities between residence and street (Article 1.8).


2. Store vehicles, boats, containers, or trailers in front of residence longer than 30 days except during times of approved construction (Article 1.10).


3. Dump, stockpile, or store materials, trash, or waste except during temporary periods of construction activities.


4. Leave trash or unused building materials when construction is completed (Article 1.11).


5. Hunt, discharge firearms, setoff explosives or fireworks at any time (Article 1.11).


6. Have activities that generate loud noise, or obnoxious or offensive odors (Article 1.11).


7. Use open fires to burn brush or lot clearing debris without approval of local fire department (Article 1.11).


Disclaimer: This document does not override or replace any of the CCRs and serves as a quick reference to commonly asked questions regarding the CCRs. If you would like detail or other information, please refer to the Building Guidelines or read the CCRs for Units 7 -12.

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