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Application for Construction and Improvements

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for ensuring the Pine Forest guidelines are met in order to maintain property values.  All structures (including but not limited to fences, sheds and new homes) built in Pine Forest require approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The Application for Construction must be completed and approved prior to building. 

All builders and sub-contractors can work on construction sites from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Sunday shall be considered a non-workday for the neighbors to enjoy their homes and our natural surroundings. The builder will be held responsible by the property owner to notify all subcontractors of these restrictions on hours. If a subcontractor violates these restrictions, it will be a violation by the property owner.

Concrete pours should occur during the aforementioned builder hours, excluding recognized holidays. The property owner is responsible to notify the immediate contiguous neighbors with written notice of any intended early concrete (see Early Pour form below) and said notice must be given at least seven days before the date of the pour.

Complete the Application for Early Concrete Pour if seeking a permit for this purpose.

For more information about the permitting process and the ACC go to Building Guidelines. You may email the ACC at

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