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Pine Forest Q&As

The mission of the Pine Forest Property Owners Association and Architectural Control Committee is to work to improve the quality of life for the property owners and residents of the Pine Forest community while seeking to maintain or increase existing property values. You will be hard-pressed to find any other property in Texas that offers the red cliffs, scenic views, loblolly pines and overall beauty found in abundance in Pine Forest. Our goal is to ensure all property owners have an equal opportunity to enjoy living in this beautiful area of Bastrop County.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question not included here, feel free to ask! Send your question to and we will answer your question and may add it to the list of questions and answers below.


1. What is the difference between POA and an HOA?

Pine Forest is a POA. A property owners association encompasses a mix of property types, including land, townhomes, single-family homes, and sometimes even businesses or commercial property. The goals of a POA include overall community improvement and long-term development. While they are interested in property values and aesthetics, a POA can go beyond that scope to oversee and approve land clearing and development as well as home construction and design to ensure quality homes are built within the community.


homeowners association (HOA) is a residential organization that governs a specific geographic area, such as a gated community, a condominium complex or a subdivision. HOAs are primarily concerned with aesthetics and maintaining or increasing the collective property value of the neighborhood or buildings. Some HOAs may have basic limitations about keeping lawns cut and collect minimal dues. Other HOAs are strict, with pages of bylaws that monitor an array of items from numbers of guests allowed to heights of shrubbery.


In Pine Forest, property owners must follow the approved Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs). Currently, there is a different set of CCRs for Unit 6 and Units 7-12.


2. Why do we need a POA in Pine Forest?

Years ago, Pine Forest property owners must have realized the potential of this area and so came together to form a property owners association (POA) to protect this community. Take a drive along a typical rural road and you will often see abandoned homes, junked cars and debris strewn about. Unfortunately, when you live in the country, you have no control over the surrounding area. In a deed-restricted community with a POA, you do. The POA and ACC work to ensure property values remain high and the Pine Forest community remains attractive to both current property owners and new residents.


Should you have any questions about the role of the Board or of the ACC you can reach the Pine Forest Property Owners Association board at To contact the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), send an email to


3. I would like to purchase a lot in Pine Forest. What do I need to do?

First, we suggest you make sure the lot you are interested in purchasing will accommodate the building of a home suitable for your needs and/or desires. Due to the terrain with deep ravines and creeks flowing through much of the property in the subdivision, it is advised to take the time to “walk” the property you're interested in purchasing (with the seller’s permission). The rerouting of natural creeks or waterways is not permitted. Be sure to consult the CCRs to be sure of the set-backs from the property lines that are required before beginning any construction. If unsure if you would be able to build your home on the property, seek out a reputable builder or civil engineer to help you make this determination.


Before buying raw land, you may want to investigate the cost of installing electricity, a septic tank and a well (if you cannot connect to a local water system). You must submit an application to the Pine Forest ACC for a permit and receive approval before clearing. In addition, you must receive the necessary permits from Bastrop County for your septic system and driveway. We have listed contact information for these entities on our Building Guidelines page. Check out the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) for more details and for answers to other questions you may have prior to building or feel free to send us an email at


Also, check out our Helpful Links page under the Home tab for information about Bastrop and Bastrop County including contact information for Bastrop County officials and community organizations plus links to tourism-related websites.


4. What type of projects require a permit?

The PFPOA and CCRs requires that all construction projects require permitting and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) authorizes said permits for any projects which change the footprint of the property such as new homes, home additions, patios, carports, fences, sheds, built-in playscapes, retaining walls, solar panels, etc.


There is a building permit fee of $1,000 to build a new home; however, there is no charge for other types of improvement permits. An easy rule of thumb is, if the project requires heavy equipment, you must apply for a permit.


5. What types of homes can be found in Pine Forest?

In Pine Forest you will find farm, ranch and country homes mixed with modern architectural homes scattered throughout. Barndominiums and modular homes are not permitted in Units 6 through 11; however they are allowed in Unit 12, along with mobile homes. If building a home in Pine Forest, contact the ACC before choosing your style to ensure it is compatible with the surrounding homes and is acceptable under the PFPOA CCRs.


6. Do I have to apply for a permit with the Pine Forest ACC before I build?

Yes, you must apply for a permit and receive approval to build before beginning construction of a new home or before making any structural improvements to your property. There is a fee of $1,000 to build a new home. Complete the application and submit it to the to receive prompt attention to your request. Failing to do so may result in a fine and/or very costly construction delays.  


7. May I build a modular home in Pine Forest?

Yes, however manufactured homes to include modular and mobile homes can only be placed in Unit 12 of Pine Forest.  Refer to our Building Guidelines page for more information.


8. May I paint my home any color?

The PFPOA CCRs require that the ACC approve building materials and paint colors. The CCRs require that homes be painted in neutral or subtle earth tone colors to complement the other homes within the community. Be sure to note details, including proposed colors, when you submit your application to build or repaint your home. This is important as failure to receive approval may result in having to repaint your home which can be costly.


9. What determines whether ACC members approve or reject an application for a permit?

ACC members do their best to follow the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CCRS) for the Unit for which you are applying. In each case, members of the ACC discuss each application as to its merits and review requests closely to ensure they comply with the CCRs. The ACC makes every effort to follow the CCRs as written but to also be flexible as we understand topography may dictate or negate the placement of structures.


10. Am I breaking any rules by pruning or removing dead trees?

The ACC supports and strongly endorses improvements to your property in the way of mowing lawns, pruning trees and removing scrub brush such as yaupon. We also support the removal of dead trees and fallen limbs not only does this aid in fire protection and supports the Houston Toad’s need for a welcoming environment.


Our general rule of thumb is, if the improvement requires equipment larger than a lawn mower, please apply to the ACC for a permit so that we can assist you with your building compliance efforts. Our goal to safeguard against the removal of live and beneficial trees, especially pines, unless it is absolutely necessary for the construction of your home.


11. What should I do if a suspect a CCR violation?

First, please do not confront the property owner. If you feel a Pine Forest resident is violating the CCRs, please send a confidential email to the ACC at The ACC Chairperson checks emails daily so you can be assured that a rapid response will be forthcoming.  


It is the role of the ACC to contact the property owner and address the issue. We respond to violation notices as soon as the violation can be confirmed. We make every effort to work with the property owner to resolve said violation as quickly and as painlessly as possible.  Often, the violation it is a simple misunderstanding or a lack of awareness of the CCRs.


Major violations, such as clearing lots and/or building a home without a permit or with inappropriate materials, building too close to the property line or cutting down large trees may result in construction delays, fines and, if not paid, liens on the property. In these cases, we follow the advice of an attorney who reviews each situation for its individual merits. For more information about fines, see Articles 3 and 6 in the CCRs.


The ACC handles each situation confidentially to protect the privacy of both the violating property owner and the property owner reporting the violation.

12. I am interested in serving on the POA Board or the ACC. What do I need to do?

If this is the case, allow us first to thank you for your interest!  If interested, just follow the guidelines for submitting an application under the Board of Directors tab.

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