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Meet the Pine Forest Board of Directors


The term of office of the directors of the Pine Forest Subdivision in Bastrop, Texas shall be for a period of four (4) years, unless this term of office is changed by modification of the Bylaws.  The officers of the Corporation shall be a President, one Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The same person may not hold more than one office. The officers of the Corporation shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors at the regular annual meeting of the Board of Directors.


The current members and individual terms of the Pine Forest POA Board are listed below.

Kumar Malavey


Term ends 2025

Steve Anderson

Vice President

Term ends 2025

Lorena Taylor-Gutierrez


Term ends 2024


Karen Taylor


Term ends 2024

Adam Jones

Position at large

Term ends 2024

Board of Director Positions

If you are interested in joining the Pine Forest Property Owners Association as a board member, let us know!

Skills needed include clerical, accounting, management experience and/or experience in construction/reading plans and drawing diagrams, etc. to help in the day to day operation of the association. Or simply an interest in improving the subdivision and/or the support we provide to our property owners and residents.

If you feel you could be a positive addition to the PFPOA Board of Directors or to the Pine Forest Architectural Control Committee (PFACC), please answer the questions below and send to: You must be a Pine Forest property owner or resident in good standing to serve on either board.


Our Membership Committee will contact you to let you know next steps! 

Pine Forest POA Board Member/ACC Member Application:

  • Full Name

  • Home Address

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Brief Employment History (Please list current employer, job title and your current availability.)

  • Skills and Experience

  • Please list any special training, skills, groups or organizations.

  • What experiences have you had that may prepare you to be a board member?

  • Why would you like to join the PFPOA Board of Directors?

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