Pine Forest ACC Building Guidelines

The Pine Forest Subdivision is unique in that the homes depict a vast array of styles. This is not a cookie cutter neighborhood! Quite the opposite. At the same time, property owners and residents seek a sense of continuity within the community. The PFACC guidelines and procedures are the rules and regulations that govern residential development in Pine Forest. Homes and other structures built in Pine Forest must be permitted through the Architectural Control Committee (PFACC).  Such a process protects owners’ property values. The guidelines are intended to be clear and understandable to property owners and residents and provide consistent guidance on design and implementation for new construction, site improvements and renovations. 


Before you begin the building process: Thoroughly read the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs) pertaining to the Unit where you plan to build. If the CCRs have not been met, it may delay the closing process on loans.

Contact the Bastrop County Development Services to get the latest version of the Development Services Application, and current regulations for Construction, Driveway/Culvert, 911 Addresses. To reach Bastrop County, go to: Bastrop County. If you are within city limits, contact the City of Bastrop.

Contact Aqua Water or Bastrop County WCID#2, depending upon your address, to make them aware of your plans and need for water. Some property owners opt for wells.

Please contact Bluebonnet Electric regarding the need for electricity. Electricity must be installed and available prior to building.


Preservation of this natural habitat is very important. If you own acreage and would like to be considered a wildlife refuge, contact Bastrop CountyBastrop County Houston Toad Guidelines

The guidelines are intended to ensure the review process is efficiently and effectively administered and that individual property owners and the community are treated fairly in the process.


General Guidelines

The PFACC is responsible for approving the architectural design and exterior materials of the residence. The residence must be architecturally compatible with nearby structures and with the lot’s location, topography and finished grade elevation. 


Manufactured homes are allowed (only) in Unit 12 of Pine Forest. Please consult with the PFACC regarding questions pertaining to manufactured homes. 


In order for the PFACC to make its judgment on the residence, it must receive the following information:

  • a plot plan showing placement

  • footprint dimensions of all proposed structure(s) and the driveway

  • an exterior elevation for each proposed structure

  • color and type of roofing materials

  • exterior materials proposed for each structure


The residence shall provide a minimum living floor area of 1,800 square feet excluding garages and accessory structures and shall have no more than two stories. To ensure compliance, the building plan should indicate residence dimensions.

Changes from PFACC-approved plans may cause the homeowner to forfeit the refundable portion of the building fee. Please contact the PFACC prior to making any changes to approved plans.


New home permits are good for a six (6) month period from the start date agreed upon by the owner and PFACC. Other permits are based on the agreed upon start and end dates plus an additional 30 days (not to exceed six months). If the permit expires before work is complete, you must request an extension on the permit.


A water meter at the service connection and water shutoffs in the interior of the home (not in crawl spaces). Water meters and wells must be in place before construction begins.


Approval must be sought to use a recreational trailer or camper or similar temporary shelter as a temporary residence during construction of the primary residence. Such use is subject to approval by the PFACC and shall be allowed only during the construction period. 


Complete an application and submit to the PFACC along with your $500 permit fee.


Ancillary Structures

Permitted ancillary structures include garages, sheds, and other similar structures These structures should complement the character or theme of the primary residence; that is, to the degree possible the architectural character of the primary residence is to be maintained in ancillary structures. PFACC approval is required prior to construction. 


Other Changes to Lot

The following types of changes, whether part of construction of a structure or independent of such construction, require PFACC approval, and thus submission of a plot plan indicating the planned improvement: removing live trees; installing utility facilities; excavating, filling or similarly disturbing the land surface, including changing grade, stream bed, ground level or drainage pattern and clearing shrubs or other vegetation; building driveways; and/or adding irrigation. Minimal clearing and grading is encouraged to retain the natural appearance of the community, aid in forest health, reduce the areas in which noxious weeds grow more readily, assure conservative water usage, and reduce fire potential. There is no PFACC fee for site improvements.


Enforcement of Architecture Guidelines and Committee Actions

Failure of an owner to complete the work in the required time period from the start date (and without seeking an extension of the end date that has been approved) will result in loss of the refundable portion of the building fee. Also, if the work done does not comply with the approved plans (other materials or colors used than approved with no re-submission of plans with the changes for approval) the refundable portion of the building fee will be lost unless changes are made to the work to be compliant with the approved plans.


Other violations of Architecture Guidelines may be reported by anyone to the PFACC. Violations will be processed in the following manner. A member of the PFACC shall review the alleged violations. The owner will be notified of said violation. If the violation remains unresolved, letters will be sent to the violator by the PFACC, cc’d to the Pine Forest POA Board of Directors. The letter will clearly state the nature of the violation.


If there is no response within 14 days of receipt of the second letter, the PFACC will turn the matter over to the Pine Forest Board and legal counsel. Expenses incurred in this process will be the responsibility of the property owner.


Construction Debris

Builders must provide dumpsters for construction debris when building homes in Pine Forest. Please make arrangements for the periodic removal of construction debris from your lot. Please recycle. 


Septic Systems

The design and cost of a septic system for your house will depend on the permeability of the soils on your site. Contact Bastrop County for assistance regarding septic systems.

Application for Construction

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for ensuring the Pine Forest guidelines are met in order to maintain property values.  All structures (including but not limited to fences, sheds and new homes) built in Pine Forest require approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The Application for Construction must be completed and approved prior to building. Complete all of the information on page one of the application.


Per the Type of Construction or Improvement, include with the application copies of permits and requested documents and information on page two. Check off the documentation included with the application. Submit the application package to the PFACC via email or the postal service to:

Pine Forest Architectural Control Committee (PFACC)

P.O. Box 2077

Bastrop, TX 78602


For more information about the permitting process and the ACC go to Building Guidelines, send an email to the ACC at