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Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs)

Click the image above to view and/or download the Pine Forest Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs) governing Units 7 through 12. Click images below to view and/or download documents applying specifically to Units 6 through 12. 

NOTE: The Pine Forest Property Owners Association members are continuing to discuss the proposed Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for Pine Forest Subdivision, Units 7-12. During these discussions of the CCRs, property owners from Units 7-12 have had an opportunity to change, add or remove wording that was approved in the CCRs.

CCRs dated December 28, 2017 as approved by the ACC Committee were voted on by the Membership but did not receive approval at the Special Election held in April, 2018. For this reason, issues regarding subdivision requirements and State Law requirements need to be incorporated into the proposed CCRs for Units 7-12.

Once revised, the proposed Units 7-12 CCRs will be reviewed by the Association’s Legal Counsel for proper wording and context to ensure the CCRs are in full compliance with State Law. Members of the 7-12 CCR Committee who met and helped to revise the CCRs are encouraged to continue to provide input and help finalize the CCRs for Units 7-12. Also, suggestions from Pine Forest property owners toward improving the CCRs are welcomed.

Other documents pertaining to Pine Forest CCRs are below. Stay tuned for updates.

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